Monday, March 8, 2010

Everyday Education

Hello. Is this thing on? Anybody out there? Hello.

I'm here. A little sleepy, but here nonetheless.

Have you missed me? Did you think I had run away? Fallen off the face of the earth?

Let's just say that mommy-hood is in full swing at the D House and I couldn't be happier.

(I could be a little more rested and a little more skinny, but not more happy).

Anywho, I wanted to educate you all today on the things I am learning (or rather re-learning) as I mommy a baby again.

1. It doesn't matter that you've just changed two poopy diapers in the last 20 minutes, he could be dirty AGAIN!

2. Laundry does not walk itself to the laundry room, wash itself or fold itself. It only multiplies on itself.

3. Poop stains are some times IMPOSSIBLE to remove.

4. It's ok to not take a shower...for several days.

5. Sleep is only a 5 letter word that others know about...someday I might again.

6. If you eat standing up, you can pretend all the calories are rushing to your feet and not your bottom.

7. When you ask an older sibling to tone down the noise, that only invites them to tone it up a notch.

8. Style and mom with a newborn are not in the same sentence.

9. One's chin can sometimes make a good teething toy.

10. Just because they make bottles and pacifiers, does not mean that your child will take them.

Do you feel educated?


Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

aww. you'll rejoin the rest of the world soon enough. enjoy those baby moments now. They go too fast!! (Maybe it's all that no-sleep catching up, but who really knows. . .)

Mich said...

I so remember those days, when I had two young ones. Enjoy the crazy moments, for time does fly by.

Audra Krell said...

Hi Amy, I love what you said, I feel the same, I could be skinnier, but not any happier! Living the dream!! Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

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