Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Because I can...

Because I can, I'm giving a shout out to a few of my favorite blogs today.

I found Holley at Heart to Heart with Holley on a recommendation from my real-life friend, Mandy. Holley is inspiring, real and honest.

Sarah at Blue Castle is absolutely adorable and heartwarming and sincere and I love to read what she has to say.

And finally, Christy at Between Here and Home says it best with the line under her blog title, "Knowing God in the everyday moments while setting my heart on what is to come."

I hope you enjoy checking out some new blogs. Are there any new ones that you are reading?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Making the Heart Fonder

Last week, The Queen B was gone on a mission trip to Guatemala.

Now, most of you know or have learned through reading my blog that she is my BEST friend in the world (she might not want to admit that she knows me sometimes, but I claim her everyday of the week.)

And last week, that lifeline, that friend, that confidant was out of reach. And it was very hard. Knowing that I couldn't just pick up the phone and talk, or send an e-mail and get a pretty immediate reply made things weird.

But, it made me appreciate her more. And I'm happy to report that on Saturday, I got to talk to her!

She has some amazing stories to report on her trip to Guatemala. God used her, He taught her, He guided her...and you must read allow about it. May you be blessed by what she has to say and the faith and obedience that she had to follow God's will for her life. Be blessed today.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Forget-me-Not Fridays

I really can't believe the things my son comes up with sometimes. D-Man is the most amazing, intelligent, ornery child in the world...yes, I am his momma and I can be a bit biased. But he really is all those things...I'm just saying.

Anyway, I've got some really good things to tell all of you today. Things that I definitely do not want to forget.

1). Husband had to make an unexpected trip to California this week and it was his first time to fly since D-Man was old enough to understand what was going on. As we said our prayers each night this week while Husband has been gone, D-Man has prayed this as part of his prayer, "Lord, please don't let my daddy fall out of the airplane." Young minds...they just don't comprehend it all...but the prayer still had feeling, still had meaning, still had purpose...D-Man was asking for his daddy's safety and this momma couldn't be more proud.

And he also prayed for his daddy to have a great breakfast at the hotel...

2). D-Man, NaNa RAD and myself went to eat one night this week at a local favorite. At the end of the meal, D-Man announced to me that he needed to go take care of business in the bathroom. Isn't that the way it always happens?

Anyway, as we prepared for him to do his "business" he informed me that "it" wouldn't come out if he kept his shoes, pants and underwear on. "What?" I asked. To which he repeated..."it" won't come out, I have to take my shoes, pants and underwear off.

Great, just great...I hope he outgrows this.

3). As I laid D-Man down to sleep last night, he quietly said to me, "I love you so very much." And that's all this momma needed to hear.

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm putting him to work...

D-Man asked at dinner tonight if he could put on his "doctor" clothes and go to the hospital and work with his Daddy tomorrow.

And what would you expect was his Daddy's answer..."Why sure, Son!"

D-Man says that Daddy will work in one room and he'll work in another and he'll bring his "computer" to work to set up in his "office."

Oh to be 3 1/2 again...I'll let you know how long the job lasts!

Monday, March 23, 2009

In preparation...

The D-House is very excited....spring is here...spring is here...spring is here!

We've been getting the house ready...stay tuned for a spring tour.

Continue to be in prayer for The Palace as they continue their mission in Guatemala. All is well...there will be lots of stories when they get back and I won't spoil their thunder by telling what they've told me thus far.

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's good to know I have friends

Thanks to all of you for the sweet words concerning my little incident. It was a tough situation I hope I never have to go through again. And because you asked, D-Man was oblivious to the whole situation and didn't know anything was going on (THANK GOODNESS!)

Not much new to report today. I've got some great Forget-me-Not Friday stories that I'll get back to next week.

For now, I'm headed to church to prepare for our Women's Retreat this weekend.

And, please remember during your prayer time over the next week to pray for Queen B and the rest of the team who are traveling to and in Guatemala.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Behind Bars

When you look at this photo of me...yes, I'm posting a full-on photo of myself today...I'm sorry it is so scary...anyway, when you see this photo of me, what is the first thing that comes to mind?






Apparently to some sales clerk in a local big name department store who wasn't doing her job, she decided to add the title of "shoplifter" to my book of names.

How do you think I look behind bars?

Let me explain...

A couple of days ago, D-Man and I were in a local mall (by local I mean within an hour of where we live because remember, we live in rural, RURAL, Arkansas). We had time to kill, no where to be and no money to spend, so we were basically window shopping for those things we thought we needed when spring and summer roll around.

We had stopped in several little shops where I tried on some spring/summer dresses that could be paired with leggings now and summer later (because I am all about versatile fashion).

Our last stop before grabbing a quick bite to eat and heading home was to a big name department stores in the mall. Let's call it an anchor store with the first letter that starts with "D."

I have shopped this store many, many times in my life and frequently tried on things (as was the case today). I happened upon some cute dresses (same style, 3 different patterns) and since I still had birthday money and a birthday gift card from this store to burn my thought process was I'll try on the first dress and if it works, I'll get all three. Splurge for me!

I proceeded to find a sales clerk who let me into the dressing room. As she walked away she said to me, "If you need any help, let me know." This led me to believe that if I actually needed something, she would be within earshot to hear my calls.

But, contrary to my assumption, this was in fact not how it was...her lack of "customer service" would come to haunt me later.

I tried on the first of the three dresses and decided very quickly, "Ughh...much better on the hanger than on this body." So, I did what I always do in dressing rooms and hung the dress neatly back on the hanger and walked out with all three dresses in tow.

And to my surprise, sales clerk girl was no where to be found.

So I did what any nice citizen would do, I placed the dresses back on the rack where I found them and proceeded out of the store.

Now let me stop for a moment and give you a mental picture of what was taking place at this point. There was myself with only a small purse in tow and D-Man. No bags, no stroller, no fuss. Remember I said no bags...this will come in handy in a moment.

As I am walking down the mall, I'm doing what I always do especially when I have D-Man with me, I'm keeping an eye on the people surrounding me. Suddenly, I notice a man...in full uniform...approaching me from behind talking on his cell phone.

He says to me (still has cell phone to his ear), "Ma'am, would you mind to show me what's in your purse?"

"Excuse me?" I replied back.

"May I see what's in your purse?" he answered.

I'm floored...but I open my purse and pull out the three things I had in it; my wallet, my day timer and a small notebook.

The man (who still hasn't shown me any form of id) then says to me, "Have you been trying on some stuff?"

I said, "Where?"

He said, "At big name department store that starts with the letter D."

I said, "Yes, three dresses."

"Well, what did you do with them when you were finished trying them on," he continued.

By this point, I am sweating...heart is pounding...I'm nervous. I'm all this not because I was guilty, but because someone would have the nerve to call security on me when they weren't doing their job by being attentive to my needs. I was overcome with emotion to say the least.

I answered his last question with, "I placed them back on the rack. Would you like for me to show you?"

"Would you mind?"

D-Man and I then proceeded to walk back to big name department store with security guard guy all the while he is trying to make light of the situation by making small talk.

Note to self, security guard guy, when you've just accused lady in the mall of shoplifting something that she didn't shoplift (and could not have fit into her purse if she had wanted to), she is not going to want to make small talk.

We are now back in the store and I proceed directly to the rack where I hung the three dresses after I tried them on. And can you believe, there were exactly where I told him they would be. Go figure?

About this time, the sales clerk was at the register hanging up from a call and she walks over and says to me, "I'm sorry, I didn't see you come out of the dressing room."

So in other words, you weren't doing your job, weren't being attentive to my needs and so I have to suffer for it?

Apparently so.

That's pretty much how it ended. I asked if I could go, they said thanks for being cooperative and I left the store.

In tears, but I left the store, nonetheless.

And I probably won't be going back. Ever. Or for a very long time.

I am happy to report, though, after a call to the store manager, Gary, I learned that what they did was not procedure...surprise, surprise.

And, I still probably won't be going back. Ever. Or for a very long time.

Anyone want to go shopping with me?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let me tell you...you won't want to miss it

Tomorrow's blog post...you won't want to miss it.

Let me tease you a bit with this piece of info.

It involves a big name department store, a clerk who wasn't doing her job and a security officer following me down the mall.


Check back tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Award For Me???

Julie, author of the blog from Inmates to Playdates, so graciously awarded me the Sisterhood Award yesterday. It is given to those who display great attitude or gratitude on their blog. I am humbled. I am excited. I am so proud!

Thanks Julie!

As part of my acceptance of this award, I am passing on the love to several of my fellow bloggers who display the same attitude/gratitude on their blogs. I'm somewhat following these rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs who you feel are worthy of this award by displaying great attitude or gratitude in their blog (I'm only doing 3 this time).

3. Be sure to link to your nominees within this post.

4. Let your nominees know about the award by commenting on their blog.

5. Link back to the person who gave you this award.

So I am awarding the Sisterhood Award to:

Amanda @ Baby Bangs
Read on...these are some great ones for you to add to your bloglist! Oh and Happy St. Patrick's Day...hope you don't get pinched!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The One I Love


Thought I was gone forever, huh?

Well, life happened for awhile...I felt like I needed to refocus...but I am back again.

Thank you first and foremost for all your prayers and concerns over the last few days. Knowing that I had praying friends helped me bear things a little bit easier. And if you don't mind, please don't let your praying for me cease. I really need it.

God knows that I need it...and He knew exactly who I would need in my life to make it through. A Christ-follower...A lover of Christ...A good man.
I love him for so many reasons. Husband is not just Husband to me...he is my friend, he is my confidant, he is my listener, he is my strength, he is my everything.
And I love him more each day...just look at the way that he is.

He's happy and radiates an energetic, happy spirit.

He's a teacher. He loves to show D-Man new things and doesn't get frustrated or inpatient in doing so.

He's strong and he knows how important teaching D-Man the value of exercising and being healthy is.

And he's a helper...and doesn't mind to do a woman's job in order to help me out.

I love this man...and I hope that he knows this. It's not our anniversary, it's not his birthday, it's not Father's Day. I just wanted him to know that he make me a better me and makes our lives better.

I love you...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Change of Direction

Life has taken over...more specifically God's plan is moving me today.

I have to take a break from the blog.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Mom, I didn't fight!"

These were the words spoken to me as I picked D-Man up from school yesterday.

They are what I would call "beautiful words" to this momma's ears.

Now let me explain all that by telling you first, my son IS NOT a bully! He had gotten into a little scuffle over a block that he was playing with but someone else wanted. When D-Man is building a spaceship, he needs his blocks. And then went directly to timeout for fighting.

I'm glad he went to timeout...not so glad that he was fighting at school...glad that he was defending himself...not so glad that he was fighting at school...glad he understood what he did wrong...not so glad that he was fighting at school.

Many talks were had over the weekend about fighting and why we don't fight and I'm happy to report (after hearing those "beautiful words" when I picked him up) that D-Man gets that fighting does not solve problems.

One lesson down (that I know we'll still have to rehash 4 bazillion times over his lifetime), 840 million to go.

And they say this parenting thing is hard...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still Recovering...

I'm still recovering from my weekend. Plus, the weather has been so nice that D-Man and I have spent lots of time outside and I've neglected my normal routine inside.

Talk amongst yourselves and I hope to be back tomorrow.

I know you can hardly wait...

Monday, March 9, 2009


I'm trying to dig out from the loads of laundry and stuff that's out of place after our great weekend trip with family.

I'll be back when I make it out.


Happy Monday...hope you all had a great weekend! Tell me what you did, if you are so inclined.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Family Time

Well, we are off this morning to the great state of Missouri to spend a few days with my family in Branson.

I hope that each of you has a wonderfully blessed weekend!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The answers you've all been waiting ago

Several weeks ago, I asked all of you, my bloggy friends, to ask me something you'd like to know about me. Three of you amused me with your questions and so today I thought I'd start answering them.

Rachel asked me if I planned to have more kids. Well, I guess if God's plan calls for them, yes. When Husband and I got married, we talked about having 3 or 4. Then came professional school for Husband and then training for the professional career and we arrive at today. D-Man is our world...we feel so blessed that we get to be his parents here on earth. And, if God blesses us with another child that we get to raise on earth, then we will say, "BRING IT ON!"

Rachel also asked me if I had always planned on being a stay-at-home-mom. This is a great question and one I haven't specifically answered before. For those of you who don't know, I majored in Biology when I was in college with the intention of becoming a Biology teacher. God had another plan, though, and Husband and I married, I completed the Biology portion of my degree and we moved so that he could attend a postgraduate professional school. I needed a job, because the bills didn't pay themselves and so I began working at a bank...and I stayed there for several years (with a small run at selling insurance in between). Banking worked for me...I needed a job where I could talk to people and banking afforded me that opportunity. I worked many aspects in the banking industry including teller, customer service representative and branch manager. Basically, I saw myself as a career oriented person who was on a path to something great.

Then I became pregnant and my whole world and focus changed. I could about nothing more than readying the room, buying the clothes and speeding up time so that I could hold D-Man in my arms. And so I quit work 9 days before he was born and haven't looked back since.

Do I miss the social aspect a job lends itself to, yes, but I wouldn't trade where I am in my life for anything.

I hope that you learned something about me today...if you weren't able to ask your question before and have one to ask by all means do so in the comments section!

And thanks Rachel for the questions!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Middle of the week, and I've got nothing

Yes, it's true.

There is no literary greatness flowing through this brain today.

(Not that I am a literary great or anything.)

Thought instead that I might leave you with a photo today.

And if you could title it, what would you call it?

Wish I had a prize to give away, but I don't.

Just amuse me.

Thank you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All in a verse

I am working on something new that someday soon I want to unveil to all of you. It's something very near and dear to my heart and it involves my FAVORITE subject, my Heavenly Father.

But I need some help from all of my bloggy friends...please, oh please don't fail me now.

What is a verse(s) that speaks to you? Is there a reason behind why this verse is so special (if you are willing to share this reason).

Thanks in advance for your help!

Monday, March 2, 2009

It makes me happy when...

...I wake up, look at the clock and realize I still have 2 hours left to sleep.

...D-Man says, "Mommy," while we are driving in the car and follows it with, "I love you."

...I find some leftover Valentine's chocolate I forgot I had.

...the weather is sunny outside and warm all at the same time.

...my jeans fit looser than the last time I wore them (even after washing and drying them.)

...I get to spend time with family whom I haven't seen in awhile.

...I get to laugh and laugh and laugh.

...I am reminded how great my Father in Heaven is!