Monday, May 25, 2009


Take a good look at this picture because it gives a little glimpse of what D-Man's 4th birthday party will be. Dirt, all dirt.

That's right...he has asked for a dirt party. Yes, you read right, a dirt party.

So being the cool parents that we are, we aim to please. So come about mid July, the local dirt/concrete company will be delivering a load of topsoil (never mind the fact that we need the topsoil...just think cool parents instead of parents who need topsoil and will conveniently have it delivered around our son's 4th birthday). And there will be in slip 'n slides.

Water + topsoil + slip 'n slides = hours of fun for D-Man and his friends...should I take any pictures?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Batter, Batter, Swing!

Tonight was a big night in the D-House.

D-Man started teeny-weeny t-ball...basically every kid gets to bat every inning, no one keeps score and it is the greatest thing to watch!
Here's D-Man showing us his batting skills.

Do you think anyone in the majors would want to see these pics? I think we might have a future pro on our hands, especially with those home plate tricks.

Isn't he the cutest?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All Smiles

This sunshine completely conveys my mood this week...happy, happy, happy! The sun is shining, the rain is not falling and I am happy.

Are you happy? Does the sun make you happy like it does me?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Forget-me-Not Fridays

D-Man is at such a fun age. You can ask anyone who is around him for any length of time that he just says funny things. Sometimes he tries to act so grown-up and other times the true age that he is (3 years and 10 months) really comes shining through.

Here are a few examples that I absolutely do not want to forget.

1.) We were leaving the hotel last week when we were in Kansas City and we passed a group of people. D-Man turned back to them as he passed and said "Nice to meet you, folks."

2.) D-Man is 100% boy and though I do not believe I am admitting this to the internet world, he sometimes asks us to smell his "toots" or his booty after he "toots." Gross, D-Man, just gross. Is there anyone out their that can relate to the grossness of a boy?

3.) We decided to let D-Man play teeny-weeny t-ball this year. It's only a 4 week season and the games last 30 minutes (all very good for the age group they are dealing with). Anyway, he had his first practice last night and in preparation for it we were gathering all his supplies. His cleats came from his Aunt C who has 3 boys and has cleats in an array of sizes (thank goodness). Next, we talked about his black shorts that he would wear. Black shorts? Black shorts? Not for this D-Man. When I told him about the shorts, he looked at me and said, "Baseball players don't wear shorts. J-Man (uncle), C-Man and Ran-Man (cousins) don't wear shorts when they play baseball." So, I did what any mom in my situation would do. I caved, went to Academy and bought a very expensive ($7.99 that is pair) of black baseball pants and he couldn't be happier.

Isn't it cute sometimes to hear their reasoning?

Well, that's all I've got. I'm headed to finish packing and then hitting the road to see my sweet niece, Baby C, who is turning 1 this weekend. Have a blessed weekend. I hope you see some sunshine where you are.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A bump is beginning to form

Ok, I know you have all been anxiously awaiting the posting of pregnancy pictures by none other than myself. You love to see how incredibly fat, I mean cute I am getting.

And because I am a glutton for punishment, I'm posting this one for all to see. I am almost 16 weeks here and starting to sport a little bump in the midsection. I am happy to report that I still am in my regular clothes at this point (although I have worn maternity capris/jeans a couple of times if I wanted to breathe or eat a little more). You will also be able to tell from this picture that other "bumps" on me have grown as well.

Ah...the joys of pregnancy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

What I've confirmed

Well....I'm back.

Kansas City was great and the three of us (myself, Husband and D-Man)feel refreshed and relaxed. Well, maybe Husband and D-Man just feel that way...they don't have the laundry and the errands on their list that I do.

Anyway, one thing that I confirmed while we were away is this...I have a 100% tried and true boy on my hand.

And I have proof...

Our vacation/education trip (Husband had the education part) involved lots of boy things. Bungee trampoline and lots of water. This momma couldn't be happier watching D-Man grow and experience such fun things.

I'll be back tomorrow with more stories and maybe give you a glimpse of what my pregnant self is starting to look like...Happy Monday!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Song Debut

(To the tune of "The Adams Family")

Boys that are three
Boys that are three
Boys that are three, Boys that are three, Boys that are three
Their goofy and their smelly
They sometimes like to argue
The whining makes me crazy
Boys that are three

Boys that are three
Boys that are three
Boys that are three, Boys that are three, Boys that are three
They sometimes wake up grumpy
But then they give you smooches
The attitudes are many
Boys that are three

Impressive, no?

I think I have a ways to go...we are off to Kansas City in the morning. Check back for some updates and many pics to come next week.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Forget-me-Not Friday

My dear bloggy friends...

I am sorry for being astray for awhile now. The baby continues to grow (as does the momma) and I'm up to my eyeballs in VBS and those things combined with my normal (not sure how normal it is) everyday life has been keeping me busy.

But, alas, I am back today for another addition of "Forget-me-Not Friday" and this one aims to please. D-Man has been on a role lately in what the things he says to me and I'm writing down as fast as I can so as not to forget a thing.

1.) D-Man crawled into my lap one morning recently after getting out of bed. He laid his head on my shoulder and was very quiet for a few seconds (very unusual for him). Then, with the sweetest look on his face, he stared up at me and said, "I can hear the baby crawling in your shoulder." Wishful thinking?

2.) Husband, D-Man and I recently made a trip up the hill to our old stomping grounds. Husband was there to work and D-Man and I were just along for the ride. We were in separate cars...Husband and D-Man together and I by myself (it was wonderful!)...and I get a phone call from Husband. He says to me, "I'm fixing to pull off to the side of the road because D-Man says that his crack is in his booty," meaning that in fact, his underwear are in his crack. I reply to this, "Well, I sure hope his crack is in his booty, because if not, we have a problem."

3.) D-Man got some new pajamas and lets just say they are the favs of the moment. He wants to wear them all the time, everywhere, without taking them off, without letting momma wash them. They are batman and superman pjs, complete with a velcros-onto-the-shoulders cape. And he calls himself "Batman" or "Super D (thanks King)" and has elected to now call me "Wonder-Mommy" and Husband is "Super Cowboy Daddy." Might I add here that Husband is not a cowboy, D-Man just likes to call him that because of the way cute straw cowboy hat I got Husband for the beach this summer.

That's all the fun I have for today! Have a blessed weekend! We are headed to KC next week and are planning some great outings, so fun pictures to come.