Friday, May 15, 2009

Forget-me-Not Fridays

D-Man is at such a fun age. You can ask anyone who is around him for any length of time that he just says funny things. Sometimes he tries to act so grown-up and other times the true age that he is (3 years and 10 months) really comes shining through.

Here are a few examples that I absolutely do not want to forget.

1.) We were leaving the hotel last week when we were in Kansas City and we passed a group of people. D-Man turned back to them as he passed and said "Nice to meet you, folks."

2.) D-Man is 100% boy and though I do not believe I am admitting this to the internet world, he sometimes asks us to smell his "toots" or his booty after he "toots." Gross, D-Man, just gross. Is there anyone out their that can relate to the grossness of a boy?

3.) We decided to let D-Man play teeny-weeny t-ball this year. It's only a 4 week season and the games last 30 minutes (all very good for the age group they are dealing with). Anyway, he had his first practice last night and in preparation for it we were gathering all his supplies. His cleats came from his Aunt C who has 3 boys and has cleats in an array of sizes (thank goodness). Next, we talked about his black shorts that he would wear. Black shorts? Black shorts? Not for this D-Man. When I told him about the shorts, he looked at me and said, "Baseball players don't wear shorts. J-Man (uncle), C-Man and Ran-Man (cousins) don't wear shorts when they play baseball." So, I did what any mom in my situation would do. I caved, went to Academy and bought a very expensive ($7.99 that is pair) of black baseball pants and he couldn't be happier.

Isn't it cute sometimes to hear their reasoning?

Well, that's all I've got. I'm headed to finish packing and then hitting the road to see my sweet niece, Baby C, who is turning 1 this weekend. Have a blessed weekend. I hope you see some sunshine where you are.


Sarah said...

You'll be glad to have these to remember some day! I can't wait for my Ava to start talking - I can only IMAGINE the things that will come out of that girl's mouth!! Have a great weekend!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

too cute! Kady has now changed her last name. . .not that I blame her or anything. . .