Sunday, July 5, 2009

Grains of Sand

I am back...or have you not noticed I've been gone?

We returned yesterday from a 9 day vacation to the great state of Florida...Destin to be exact.

There was lots of sun, sand and surf to occupy our time for many days and frankly, we are sad to be home.

But we ran out of money...and we still needed to we had to come home.

So while I unpack and try to get all the sand out of everything, I'll leave you with this picture. It sums up the week...time spent with my two favorite boys on the beaches of Destin.

I've got more stories to tell and things to share, but for now...

"I've got a couple grains in my pocket, got a couple loads that need clean. I'm trying to get my house back together, but vacation still is in my dreams."


Queen B said...

Glad you are back safely! I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Sarah said...

One of my favorite places on earth to be! Glad you had a great trip!