Thursday, October 29, 2009

God is so good

He's here...H-Man arrived Tuesday afternoon safe and sound and full of life.

I was scheduled to have a regular doctors appointment on Tuesday afternoon. We were spending the night at my parent's house due to a field trip D-Man was going on and the proximity of their house to his preschool.

About 3:50 am, I woke to make one of my many trips to the bathroom. But this trip was a bit different. It continued to pour...and pour...and pour. After about 5 minutes of pouring, I was able to make it back to the bedroom to tell Husband and the fun began.

Woke up my mom, loaded the car, drove the 45 minutes to hospital. I was checked into the hospital around 6 am and by 1:17 pm, H-Man was born. He weighed 8 lbs, 5 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long.

We are still in the hospital, but will be going home this morning. H-Man is an eater and is nursing great. D-Man loves his little brother and always wants to see his feet and belly when he visits. We are so excited about getting our family of 4 back together tonight.

Thank you for all the prayers...I'll post in the next few days with updates. God is so good!


Sarah said...

Congratulations the new sweet baby boy! I'm glad all went smoothly! Can't wait to see updates! :)

Cheryl said...


Congratulations. So glad everyone is doing well!

Jenny said...

yeah! i am so happy for you! god is so good!