Sunday, October 25, 2009

Too High Class

So D-Man and I were out doing some shopping the other day...spending a bit of time together before the craziness begins at our house with the addition of H-Man.

I told him on the way that he could pick anywhere he wanted to eat.

Now, remember, he is 4. Therefore, one would probably think that we would be eating at some fast food restaurant that had fries and a toy with the meal.

But, no no. Not my D-Man. When asked the question, "D-Man where would you like to eat?" He replied, "Red Lobster."

I am in trouble...


Keepin' It Real said...

and from what I hear, he can order for you as well!

Brandy said...

That's where my son loved to eat when he was little! Now that he's 13 he will eat anywhere as long as he gets to eat... Never ending eater!! :)