Friday, July 11, 2008

And All By 9:40 A.M.

Yesterday morning began at the D-House at 8 am...well let me re-think that, one person who lives in the D-House had to get up way earlier than that (as in 5:40 am...sorry Husband!)

Anywoo, this girl was up and at 'em at the bright and early 8 am hour. And by 9:40 am, you will not believe what I had accomplished.

Let me recap for you...

1.) Baked 52 cupcakes (26 chocolate and 26 yellow) for the big event on Saturday.

2.) Put a load of dishes away and washed the mess I created making the above mentioned cupcakes.

3.) Started and completed 2 loads of laundry (folded 3 loads because I had that never-ending load from the day before).

4.) Made both beds and completed this task to meet my OCD specifications.

5.) Fed D-Man breakfast...Donettes and milk, the breakfast of an already-hyper and rambunctious will-be-3-in-less-than-a-week 2 year old. Please don't judge, Donettes is where it is at...particularly on a morning when I'm making the above mentioned cupcakes.

And finally...

6.) Fed myself (Zone bar and milk) and caught up on a few e-mails.

And all of this without the assistance of a diet coke (or 3).

Let's hope I can accomplish as much today so that I'll be completely ready for the big par-tee tomorrow.

I think I'll go have an I.V. of Diet Coke administered.

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Deanne said...

So what'd you do the rest of the day? I hope 'take a nap' was in there somewhere! :)

Keepin' It Real said...

As I was reading your blog, I was wondering how many DVC were in the equation, but was surprised to find out how many! He is going to have a great party! Love you

Ris said...

wow! That's awesome. No judgement on the donettes. We do Otis spunkmeyer muffins when in a pinch! Can't wait to hear about the party!

THE ROOST said...

Have a great party! And then get some rest:)

Mrs. Jules said...

Hope your little man enjoyed his day immensely, I'm sure he did. We were baking as well on Saturday, but my hat goes off to you with 52 cupcakes! You're pretty amazing. So, now you've inspired me to go finish laundry...;)