Monday, July 21, 2008

Anybody need free gas?

Well, I'm back.

One thousand ninety two miles were clocked on my odometer. That's a lot of gas.

We traveled through Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska and you know, one common element existed in each of these states. We had to have gas to get through them and it wasn't cheap.

So, in honor of all the gas we spent on our 5-day trek, I'm giving away a $25 Shell Gas gift card to one lucky winner. Leave a comment and tell me what the highest gas has been in your part of the country. You have until Thursday, July 24th at 5 pm cst to get your comments in and I'll select a random winner on Friday, July 25th. Only one entry per person and you don't have to have a blog to be selected (just make sure you leave a way for me to contact you should you win!)

Good luck and by the way, did you miss me while I was gone?

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Keepin' It Real said...

The highest we paid for it was $4.16 on Overland Park, Kansas. OUCH!

Queen B said...

That's a lot of miles. I think the most I've paid so far is $3.99

I can't wait to hear about the trip!! (And've been missed!!)

Ris said...

We've hit 4.01 around here. (DFW area, TX) It's a shame too...roadtrips are so fun!

Heather said...

I'm glad you survived your trip. In the Dallas area, we have paid up to $3.99 for Regular, and $4.46 for diesel. My husband has a TDI Jetta and it is costing us a mini fortune to fill it up. Luckily it gets great gas mileage, or we would be walking.

Beachy Mimi said...

Hey, great giveaway! The hightest I paid on vacation was $4.03 in Florida. Around Chaos it is about $3.89. Glad you are back.

Deanne said...

Wow! After reading the comments I see that gas near me is quite high! We surpassed four bucks early this year.

We just got back from a vacation too! The most we paid while gone was $4.69, that was in the San Luis Obispo area. But near our home (So Cal) the priciest gas is about $4.50.

cindy lou-who said...

Wowee, a gas card!!! The highest down here in LA has been $3.99, as far as I know. Filling up my sweet little Accord has gone from a meager $40 to over $50.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

We just got back from vacation and the most we paid for gas was $4.19 in Raton, NM and the least we paid was $3.59 in Oklahoma City. Here at home, gas is $3.95


We traveled 2476 miles and our gas expense was astronomical.

craftymom said...

I'm in NE Dallas and for the low-grade, it's been $3.98. Ugh! Can't fill up the family car for less than $100....OUCH!

We'll be driving to the beach next month for our annual family beach trip and I'm soooo not looking foward to those prices!

Hubby did say oil's down to $127/barrell today. We shall see if the prices at the pump will drop!

Sarah S. said...

Well, I definitely missed you! Glad you had a good trip!

The highest I've paid is $3.99!

Andrea said...

Our gas has gone up to 4.05 in Wayne County, NC, but seems to be on the way down. . .at Sam's Club today, I purchased it for $3.79.