Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Little Like Each of Us

A few weeks ago, I gave you a little peek into my yard and all the beautiful things that God had growing there. I spoke of the sunflowers that D-Man had planted following Easter and how they had done so well until they were attacked by grasshoppers.

Well, to my surprise, they recently bloomed. Just like you would expect them to had their leaves been beautiful and green. They bloomed from a plant whose leaves looked like this.

And this got me to thinking.

Aren't we just like these sunflowers sometimes? Is what you see on the surface sometimes less than ordinary? But, from within comes beautiful, positive things shining through?

God has plans for each of, you and you alike.

He has something that He is cultivating and caring for and He's waiting for just the right minute to let it shine through.

Find peace in this...I sure did this week.

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Keepin' It Real said...

I like your analogy! And the sunflowers are beautiful! Love you, and give your little gardner a kiss for me!

Mrs. Jules said...

Yes, indeed, Amy. Thanks for the reminder!

Mrs. Querido said...

Thanks for the encouragement...I needed it today :)