Friday, April 3, 2009

Forget-me-Not Fridays

Our lives move rapidly, change daily, experience triumphs and failures, but through it all, D-Man never ceases to carry on with a great sense of humor and energy that I wish we all possessed. Oh to be 3 again and not care about anything.

Here are some things I wouldn't want to ever forget:

1.) As D-Man was getting ready for bed the other night, he said to Husband, "I love you good buddy." And I shed a tear.

2.) We were visiting at Husband's parents the other day and PaPa decided to say that a show was "stupid." Well, for those of you who don't know the D-House rules, the word stupid is not used (and D-Man knows it). So, in keeping with the D-House rules (and even though we weren't at our house), he said to me, "Mom, PaPa said stupid!" I think I've trained him right (at least in this one area.)

3.) D-Man decided this afternoon that since mommy was taking a shower, he needed to take a bath. The bathtub is right across from the shower, so I can watch him while I shower. As I was getting dressed after the shower, I asked him if he was ready to get out, to which he replied, "I still don't smell very good." they ever smell good?