Monday, June 1, 2009

Will He Do It...

D-Man is 100% boy...from the pictures I've shown you in the past, you probably already get that.

But, I've got more proof.
Enter Exhibit A. One can see that D-Man has spotted some water...and not just any water, water that shoots up really high.

Enter Exhibit B. D-Man has gotten closer to the water...just to get a better look, I'm sure.

Enter Exhibit C. It's just too much for him...all that looking and not touching is no more. D-Man has officially gotten wet and I'm fairly certain that he didn't mind one bit.

That's all I've got for for my first day of jury duty. Fun, fun, fun!


Keepin' It Real said...

You know..........if he would have planned it just right, he could have "fallen" into the fountain and gotten a new pair of clothes! Sound familiar?????????? Love you!