Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My role in my child's life

As I go through life and begin each day, I am often reminded how important I am in the life of my son. I am reminded that God has given me such a special, priceless, precious gift that I am to train up in God's ways and hope these are the ways that he will always go. I realize that I was not granted this time with my son to just sit back and watch him. I AM IMPORTANT to who he was yesterday, who he is now and who he will be tomorrow.

As great as it would be to be given a gift that was complete and perfect, the gift that God has blessed me with is far greater than that. I have the responsibility to teach my son; to teach the things as small as sharing and the things as great as the love Christ has for all of us.


Anonymous said...

I cannot think of a greater,more rewarding gift than to be a parent. The rewards are endless.There is not a perfect"how to" manual to follow,but if you let God guide you,and follow your instincts,I think you will be on the right path.The road gets a little bumpy at times,and challenging,to say the least,but putting your children first will fill your heart in ways that you never dreamed possible. Then when they grow up and have children of their own,and you see them as parents,life takes on a whole new meaning.Seeing the world through your grandchildren's eyes is like getting to reap the benifits all over again. God is so good.