Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Whoever coined the phrase "terrible 2's" was so true (sometimes)! I am the mother of a wonderful, adorable, independent (or so he thinks he is) 2 year old son. I would agree with the statement the 2's are terrible when dealing with the issue of mine, mine, mine or the always-fun-to-deal-with, "No, I can do it!" But, on the flip side, the 2's can be so terrific!

For instance, my son (I'll call him D-Man) is so quick to tell me to be careful if he thinks that I'm doing something that could harm me (i.e. cooking dinner). Isn't that so sweet??? Or, when I get in the car after buckling him in his seat and he asks, "Whas up, Mommy," then I could just smile forever. Or when he says, "I wuv you so much" and gives me that slobbery, just brushed his teeth and still has toothpaste on his lips kiss, my heart just melts.

Therefore, I'm coining a new phrase to identify this wonderful time in my life. I'm calling it the T-squared stage and am going to love every minute of it!


Anonymous said...

when our children are young,and they have their little phrases or words for things,and we think they are so cute and we will never forget how they said things,you would be surprised at how fast the time goes,and what we do forget.So my advice is (being the proud mother of 5 wonderful children)is to keep a journal of some sort. Even if it is to only jot down a little bit of memories each day,because some day when you go back and read it,you can savor in those precious times once again.