Friday, September 28, 2007

Premiere Week of New Fall Shows

Just wanted all you out there to weigh in and give your opinions of any new fall shows you've watched this week. If you are like me, I've been keeping my DVR working hard this week to record all those shows I "might" be interested in so that I could watch them at my leisure and decide if they were in fact keepers. "Lucky" to those of you out there who actually have the time to watch them as they are being broadcast (well, maybe not so lucky b/c I can fast forward through the commercials).

Dancing with the Stars is one of my favs and I've watched all three episodes this week (let's hope that every week there aren't 3 every week!) What about you guys??? What is at the top of your list so far and what did you think you were going to like and really didn't.

I wish you all a GREAT weekend. I thank you for making my first week of blogging so fun. Pass the blog along to your friends and family if you like it and if there is something you want me to change/add/delete, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

So sad...I watched nothing. Well, I did watch the first 2 nights of Dancing with the Stars, but didn't tune in for the 3rd to see who got the boot! Why did I bother with the first 2? I have a tivo...Let us know which are keepers after you watch!!

Mandy said...

Meg loves to dance with the stars! It's one of her favorites!