Monday, October 1, 2007

The Changing of Seasons

A week ago, fall officially began. This is a time of year when the pace seems to lessen a bit and sometimes it even seems like we have more time at home. Is this because the sun sets earlier or that activities slow down or that we've just decided we need some rest after the busy summer months?

Whatever the reason, these days I view the fall season with much appreciation. Two years ago, the beginning of the fall season brought a true change to the life of my family and I. When my son was 6 weeks old I was told that I had a tumor in my small intestine that would require surgery and further tests to determine just how severe it was. There I was, nursing and caring for my then 6 week old son, and I myself was breaking down. I questioned God's purpose and plan for my life. "Why me?" I asked many times. I begged and pleaded with God for an answer
believing (because of my faith in Him) that His will would be done.

A few weeks after the original diagnosis, I had the surgery, the tumor was removed and after a short stay in the hospital, I came home to recover and move on. The doctors determined that what I had was a freak tumor and should cause me no more complications. How relieved and greatful I was for such a wonderful report!

So, there I was. Fall was beginning, the leaves were changing and I myself had been changed. I had a renewed vigor for Christ and what he meant in my life. Each fall since then, as the leaves start changing and the air becomes cooler, I get that small reminder (almost like a tap on the shoulder) from God reminding me to be faithful and true to Him and He will see me through.


Sarah S. said...

It's so exciting to see how God has worked in your family's life! I, too, could write on and on about the blessings in mine... maybe I should write them down so that I will never forget! You have inspired me today! I love you and your family and hope that we really can get together soon!

Anonymous said...

Fall is kind of like the start of a new school year to's like a fresh start, a breath of fresh air, a chance to start over and do things differently that maybe didn't go so well the year before. I think I appreciate the "freshness" that Fall brings, almost as much as I appreciate the "relaxation" that Summer always brings. God must have known how much we would need unofficial times for change in our lives that the start of each new season brings. In our misguided, ever-faltering mentality, we seem to always need a jump-start or a good starting date to right the wrongs in our lives, whether they be weight issues, organization issues, etc., and the crisp air of Fall always seems to bring the motivation to "begin again." Or maybe it's just that we are finally putting on blue jeans in lieu of gym shorts for the first time in months OR staying indoors long enough to notice all the cobwebs that have collected along the cabinets while we were hanging by the pool all Summer that jump-starts us into "starting fresh"..............