Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Works for me Toys

Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer is hosting a blogger-tell-all Works-for-me Wednesday. She wants to know what toys our kids can't live without in hopes that your Christmas list will be filled with suggestions.

For us here at the D-House, we have three toys that are played with every single day

The first is the tumbling Curious George doll. D-Man received this doll for his birthday (July) and George hasn't left his side since. He sleeps with D-Man, he rides to school with D-Man and he has seen several states with D-Man. D-Man says, "Buy him."

The second is the Leap Frog Leapster. D-Man received this toy several months ago for mastering the potty training. He loves it and uses it daily. He loves to figure the games out on his own and won't take much direction from myself or Husband. I wonder where he gets that from? The Princess recently gave D-Man several new games and he has thoroughly enjoyed figuring these out as well. Thanks Princess!

The third toy that D-Man plays with daily and one that would add much enjoyment to your child's life is the Little People Racin Ramps Garage. D-Man received this last Christmas from NaNa RAD and PaPa. He now mostly uses his matchbox cars on it and loves the ramps and turns and jumps that the cars can do. A must buy for a boy on your list!

Well, that's all I've got. I can't wait to see what everyone else has on their lists. I hope this helps narrow down your search as you shop for the perfect gift. May your Christmas season be one of joy and peace as we remember it is more about the season than the gift under the tree.


CC said...

Ooo! The Leapster is fun. We bought one last year through Craig's List.

Wani said...

You're the third post I've been to today to mention the Leapster. I might have to look into that!

Jessica said...

I really like your blog design. I tried to click on the button to go to their web page, but it would not let me do it. Do you mind dropping by and leaving me a comment with the website address?