Friday, March 27, 2009

Forget-me-Not Fridays

I really can't believe the things my son comes up with sometimes. D-Man is the most amazing, intelligent, ornery child in the world...yes, I am his momma and I can be a bit biased. But he really is all those things...I'm just saying.

Anyway, I've got some really good things to tell all of you today. Things that I definitely do not want to forget.

1). Husband had to make an unexpected trip to California this week and it was his first time to fly since D-Man was old enough to understand what was going on. As we said our prayers each night this week while Husband has been gone, D-Man has prayed this as part of his prayer, "Lord, please don't let my daddy fall out of the airplane." Young minds...they just don't comprehend it all...but the prayer still had feeling, still had meaning, still had purpose...D-Man was asking for his daddy's safety and this momma couldn't be more proud.

And he also prayed for his daddy to have a great breakfast at the hotel...

2). D-Man, NaNa RAD and myself went to eat one night this week at a local favorite. At the end of the meal, D-Man announced to me that he needed to go take care of business in the bathroom. Isn't that the way it always happens?

Anyway, as we prepared for him to do his "business" he informed me that "it" wouldn't come out if he kept his shoes, pants and underwear on. "What?" I asked. To which he repeated..."it" won't come out, I have to take my shoes, pants and underwear off.

Great, just great...I hope he outgrows this.

3). As I laid D-Man down to sleep last night, he quietly said to me, "I love you so very much." And that's all this momma needed to hear.

Happy Weekend!