Monday, March 16, 2009

The One I Love


Thought I was gone forever, huh?

Well, life happened for awhile...I felt like I needed to refocus...but I am back again.

Thank you first and foremost for all your prayers and concerns over the last few days. Knowing that I had praying friends helped me bear things a little bit easier. And if you don't mind, please don't let your praying for me cease. I really need it.

God knows that I need it...and He knew exactly who I would need in my life to make it through. A Christ-follower...A lover of Christ...A good man.
I love him for so many reasons. Husband is not just Husband to me...he is my friend, he is my confidant, he is my listener, he is my strength, he is my everything.
And I love him more each day...just look at the way that he is.

He's happy and radiates an energetic, happy spirit.

He's a teacher. He loves to show D-Man new things and doesn't get frustrated or inpatient in doing so.

He's strong and he knows how important teaching D-Man the value of exercising and being healthy is.

And he's a helper...and doesn't mind to do a woman's job in order to help me out.

I love this man...and I hope that he knows this. It's not our anniversary, it's not his birthday, it's not Father's Day. I just wanted him to know that he make me a better me and makes our lives better.

I love you...


Julie From Inmates said...

A good husband is a gift from God. Glad you're back. I have you a blog award over at Inmates.