Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Mom, I didn't fight!"

These were the words spoken to me as I picked D-Man up from school yesterday.

They are what I would call "beautiful words" to this momma's ears.

Now let me explain all that by telling you first, my son IS NOT a bully! He had gotten into a little scuffle over a block that he was playing with but someone else wanted. When D-Man is building a spaceship, he needs his blocks. And then went directly to timeout for fighting.

I'm glad he went to timeout...not so glad that he was fighting at school...glad that he was defending himself...not so glad that he was fighting at school...glad he understood what he did wrong...not so glad that he was fighting at school.

Many talks were had over the weekend about fighting and why we don't fight and I'm happy to report (after hearing those "beautiful words" when I picked him up) that D-Man gets that fighting does not solve problems.

One lesson down (that I know we'll still have to rehash 4 bazillion times over his lifetime), 840 million to go.

And they say this parenting thing is hard...


Sandra said...

Oh so hard - and there are so many issues introduced at school that you never imagined you'll be dealing with. The joys of life and parenthood!

Queen B said...

Well that was a fun greeting! I love when kids tell on themselves. It makes our job so much easier!