Thursday, March 5, 2009

The answers you've all been waiting ago

Several weeks ago, I asked all of you, my bloggy friends, to ask me something you'd like to know about me. Three of you amused me with your questions and so today I thought I'd start answering them.

Rachel asked me if I planned to have more kids. Well, I guess if God's plan calls for them, yes. When Husband and I got married, we talked about having 3 or 4. Then came professional school for Husband and then training for the professional career and we arrive at today. D-Man is our world...we feel so blessed that we get to be his parents here on earth. And, if God blesses us with another child that we get to raise on earth, then we will say, "BRING IT ON!"

Rachel also asked me if I had always planned on being a stay-at-home-mom. This is a great question and one I haven't specifically answered before. For those of you who don't know, I majored in Biology when I was in college with the intention of becoming a Biology teacher. God had another plan, though, and Husband and I married, I completed the Biology portion of my degree and we moved so that he could attend a postgraduate professional school. I needed a job, because the bills didn't pay themselves and so I began working at a bank...and I stayed there for several years (with a small run at selling insurance in between). Banking worked for me...I needed a job where I could talk to people and banking afforded me that opportunity. I worked many aspects in the banking industry including teller, customer service representative and branch manager. Basically, I saw myself as a career oriented person who was on a path to something great.

Then I became pregnant and my whole world and focus changed. I could about nothing more than readying the room, buying the clothes and speeding up time so that I could hold D-Man in my arms. And so I quit work 9 days before he was born and haven't looked back since.

Do I miss the social aspect a job lends itself to, yes, but I wouldn't trade where I am in my life for anything.

I hope that you learned something about me today...if you weren't able to ask your question before and have one to ask by all means do so in the comments section!

And thanks Rachel for the questions!


Mandy said...

Okay, I have a question....maybe more like a deep thought. I just think the world of you...and of your family. I was telling Brian last night how you can just do ANYTHING! Really ANYTHING! And I want to raise Meg to be like you. So what do you think is one of the best lessons that your parents taught you (so that I can teach it to Meg). Thanks Amy! *M

liz said...

Wow!! That could have been written by me. Change a couple of names and details and that's my story too. =)

Ashley said...

nothing i didn't already know, but i loved reading it! you are awesome! i love it when a successful career woman CHOOSES to stay at home when she could otherwise have a great career. (1) it is so sacrificial and therefore worthy of praise and (2) proves that staying at home is worth something and is just as noble...those of us who weren't career oriented to begin with can't really prove it, but YOU can!