Friday, October 3, 2008

12 Years Ago Today

Twelve years ago today, God brought an amazing blessing into the world. I was a freshman at the University of Arkansas, living on my own for the first time and trying to find my path in life.

My mom, on the other hand, was starting all over again...with her 5th child, my little brother.

That's not a call you expect to get when you are in midnight...from your mom.

The call that says, "Honey, we're going to the hospital."

But, it's a call I would never change.

J-Boy came into the world so amazingly perfect and so amazingly loved by 2 parents and 4 siblings who from the second they saw him knew that their lives would never have been made complete without him.

J-Boy is turning 12 today. Twelve years old...where has the time gone?

He is an amazing young man with an enormous heart and oodles and oodles of love to give.

And, although I don't want him to grow up, I can't wait to see the life that God has laid out for him.

Happy Birthday, J-Boy

I love you and am thankful to God that I got the call 12 years ago to welcome you into the world.


Keepin' It Real said...

Oh how God has blessed me with five beautiful children, and the blessing just keep pouring over with grandchildren. What a beautiful family I have and I thank God every day for it. I would not have changed a single thing. I love you all so dearly, mom

Queen B said...

Happy Birthday to your brother! I can't believe he's 12...that means we are getting old.

Beachy Mimi said...

I can't believe he is already 12.
Please pass on my HB wishes to him.