Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Wonderful Gift

On Monday, I needed somebody to watch D-Man for a few hours. I asked my sweet MIL, RAD, if she would mind. Without hesitation she agreed and we arranged for a drop-off time.

Now, understand that I rarely ask for others to keep my child because a.) I love being with him and have learned that part of who I am is having him with me and b.) I just hate to have to ask because I know everyone is so busy these days and has so much going on.

Monday afternoon rolled around and as I was getting ready, RAD called and asked if she and PaPa could take D-Man into the city with them for dinner and some errands. I agreed as long as it wouldn't be too much of a burden on them and she assured me it wouldn't be.

As I pulled up to their house (which is a farm with many, many acres and lots and lots of cattle), PaPa met D-Man and I. He was driving out into the pasture on the four-wheeler to check cattle and wondered if D-Man might want to tag along.

Now what kind of question is that, PaPa?

Three year old...4 wheeler...cows...dirt...OF COURSE!

Anyway, I left, they went to the city and had a glorious time.

So glorious, in fact, that he told Husband after RAD dropped him off at home that he wanted to live with NaNa and PaPa forever.

This got me to thinking about what a wonderful gift grandparents are. How grateful I am for the presence they have in D-Man's life and what a wonderful blessing they are to all who come in contact with them. All of D-Man's grandparents radiate love, love and more love to him and he feels that love. He loves that love. And, he finds such comfort and security in being with them that he wants to stay forever.

I'm glad it's this way...I'm glad he feels such love towards them...and I'm glad that they are a wonderful gift that I get to treasure everyday!


Jules from "The Roost" said...

OK since I am a Grammy this totally made me cry and miss Mr. Perfect! Sweet post!!!

Queen B said...

What a fun day for everyone! You are all so blessed.