Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend in Review

This weekend was all about family.

The D-Family to be exact.

We spent the weekend as a family up on the Hill.

We had several reasons for being there.

1. I had to check out the King's handy work. I will have to say, "Hail to the Chief for a job well done." I may or may not have scheduled an appointment with him.

2. We had to see if the Razorbacks could pull off a win...not so much...but at least D-Man was happy as he ate everything at the stadium. I guess it was from all this exercise with Husband.

3. The D-House needed to have a restful weekend away from the craziness that is our life...and in D-Man's world this included a hotel with Mommy and Daddy all to himself.

I really expected to get more photos this weekend, but I was not successful. Have no fear, though, D-Man was there to pick up the slack for me.

Happy Monday!