Monday, October 13, 2008

So I've Been Tagged...

Just Another Day in Paradise tagged me. The rules are listed above and I thought it was only fitting to give you some random Amy-information on this, the 13th of October.

1. I DVR "The Young and the Restless" daily. Yes, that is right, EVERYDAY I have to know what's going on with Sharon and Nick and Jack and Phyllis and Cain and Lilly and and and. Oh my, I'm sounding like I might know them, don't I?

2. I love the smell of baby lotion. I remember back to when I was getting everything ready for the arrival of D-Man and I would go in his room and open the lotion and smell it because it brought me such comfort. I still put lotion on him and I love for him to get in my lap and snuggle with me so that I can smell that sweet, innocent baby smell. It sure beats the "pure boy" smell that he has most days. Moms with boys, you know what I mean, they just stink sometimes.

3. I love to window shop. Yes, I admit, that I do love to buy things, but I'm also perfectly content to just walk around aimlessly looking at all the pretties there are to see out there.

4. I do not like long fingernails on guys. It is a big pet peeve of mine. I need them to be short and well manicured. Husbands fingernails (and toenails for that matter) grow about 2 inches an hour (or so it seems) and I'm constantly nagging (I mean asking sweetly) that he please trim them. It's the mother-hen coming out in me.

5. I am very OCD when it comes to my house and how it presents itself to my guests. I wish I could be more laid back about it, but I'm not. If I know you are coming, I'm going to be running around like a mad woman making sure everything is in it's place.

6. I am not a sleep-on-the-ground-in-a-tent kind of girl. Now don't get me wrong, I love many outdoor activities and grew up on a farm, but when it comes to getting my beauty sleep, I need a pillow, a soft bed and plenty of covers.

7. I am bossy and like to tell people to do (but in a nice way). However, I don't like confrontation AT ALL. This makes for interesting dynamics when I am leading a group. But, throw me in the mix with my brothers and sisters and I'll boss them around all day long.

Well, that's all the randomness I have today. I hope you learned something interesting that you didn't know about me and if you need something to blog about, please feel free to jump on board and tell us all about you.


Jules from "The Roost" said...

The smell of baby lotion is lingering in my house right now! :) I love knowing more about you!

Scott and Stephanie said...

I DVR Y&R every day, too! That is my lunch time break from the computer. Every time Scott catches me watching, he claims I'm losing brain cells, but I just can't help myself!!!!

Beachy Mimi said...

Oh Amy! We must talk soon about the stuff going on at Y and R. That baby powder/baby lotion smells gets me every time.

Anonymous said...

You definitely nag, there is really nothing "sweet" about it.