Thursday, December 11, 2008

Are you first, last or somewhere in the middle?

So how's the shopping going for you?

Have you checked everything off your list and now in the wrapping phase?

Is there something that is hard to find this year for that special someone?

I would love to hear how the Christmas shopping season is progressing for all of you.


Elizabeth said...

Other than one gift we have to buy in Texas next week, we are done shopping! I love walking around the mall this time of year, but I hate shopping in it. We did 80% of our shopping online and it was awesome! Everything just shows up on the doorstep a few days later. I love it.

I've wrapped a few gifts so we have something under the tree, but the kids keep trying to figure out what their gifts are, so some are still hiding. Amazingly, I've found everything I was looking for this year.

The Abercrombie Fam said...

I am done except for a few little things for Santa to put in Raylin's stocking! Wrapping is another story - haven't even started! We'll probably do that Christmas Eve. My hubby and I have a system. I package everything in the boxes with tissue paper, he wraps and I do the bows.

Queen B said...

Ugh. I thought I was almost done, but now I'm not. So I will be interrupting the wrapping phase to re-enter the shopping phase.

Good grief.

Cheryl said...

I'm pretty much done and just about finished wrapping! This is a first for me!!!