Thursday, December 4, 2008

The deck that broke the fall

I told you about a week ago that we may or may not have been in the ER with D-Man and that we may or may not have had stitches.

Well, we did and we do.


Does that clear it up for you? mean you might want details? Oh, all right.

It'll give me something to blog about, so here goes.

Husband was home for a nice, long three day weekend. The weather had turned out to be a sunny day with a bit of a chill in the air, but not enough to keep any of us inside.

After a hearty breakfast of frozen pancakes (they were frozen by me that in, I made them and then froze them), fruit and milk, we all set outside to begin some much needed "projects."

I was in the front yard raking the leaves from what appeared to be every tree in a tri-state area and Husband and D-Man were in the back working on D-Man's fort.

After what appeared like days (really just a few hours) and a hearty lunch from old Ronald himself, we all got up on the 2nd story of the fort to nail on the last few boards for the day.

Husband and I were chatting about our evening plans which included D-Man spending the night with NaNa Lu and he and I getting some Christmas shopping completed and taking in a movie.

We also made the mistake of talking about how great it had been that we hadn't had any accidents on the fort since beginning it's construction in late summer.

Can we say, "Spoke to soon?"

Only moments after making that comment, D-Man wasn't paying attention and he fell through the ladder hole that leads to the 2nd story. He not only fell, he fell 5 feet, face first, onto a solid deck of boards.

Right then and there, my heart dropped. I frantically got myself down the stairs and picked him up, not really knowing what I was going to see.

I wasn't prepared for it. Blood on your child is not something that you want to see, and he had it gushing out of his mouth and chin.

I handed him off to Husband and ran ahead of them into the house to get a towel to stop the bleeding. Husband assessed the situation from a medical standpoint and announced that he would be the one sewing him up.

Stitches? Stitches? My baby needs stitches was all that I could think about. And the fact that I was not going to let the emotional Daddy sew his own child up. So, I did what any mother in my situation who has a father-in-law who is a physician as well would do, I called him.

He met us at the hospital, several rounds of sedatives were given to no avail and D-Man was finally strapped to the papoose board and held down by 4 people so that stitches could be given.

I wasn't in the room...I couldn't be in the room...being in the room might have sent me over the edge. I wasn't being heartless, I was just being a mom who knew that Dad and PaPa and NaNa RAD were in there taking care of the situation and my presence or lack of if I had passed out would have not helped the situation.

And now I am happy to report that the stitches have come out (except for one in the lip that we are praying comes out on it's own because taking the stitches out has almost been as dramatic as putting them in) and aside from irritation on his chin from the band aids, D-Man is almost healed.

We thank God everyday that the accident was not worse than it was. It is a miracle that our sweet, precious little one did not break a bone in the fall. And although Husband initially apologized profusely to D-Man for the fall (feeling that his building of the fort was the underlying cause of the fall) and threatened to burn it down, we have all returned to a normal life.

Wow...that may have been the longest post ever written. But, I was able to tell the story and give you a bit more insight to the D-Household.


Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

been there, done that. well, kinda. I was out of town when Kyler had to have stitches. Thank goodness! I couldn't have been in there, either. Hope all is well from here on.

Oh, and my daughter broke her leg playing in curtains, so I've given up the idea of bubble-wrapping them! If curtains can cause a broken leg, let him keep the fort, because there is nothing they are safe from!!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

also, didn't volunteer to fold laundry yesterday, because I was at home folding my own. . .we should have joined forces. . .

Queen B said...

I am so thankful that his injuries were not worse! Bless his (& your) heart!

Elizabeth said...

We went through the stitches drama when my little boy was 18-months. Taking them out was far worse than putting them in, especially because I let my mom be the one to take them out. Big mistake! Poor guy didn't understand why Lovey was hurting him like that. I'm glad D-Man is ok, and his mama!

The Abercrombie Fam said...

How scary! Glad to know he is okay! I'm with you on the blood and stitches thing. I definitely would have passed out if I had watched that especially on my precious angel!

Lindsey said...

Wow, I bet that was very scary to go through. I'm so glad to hear your little man is doing well!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I am thankful He is OK! :)