Monday, January 26, 2009


When you hear or see that word what comes to mind?

Perfection, separation, mystery are a few that I think of.

But what does that mean when talking about our Lord?

For me, I've had a week or so to think about these questions as I've prepared for my Sunday School lesson. And what I've been reminded of is this.

God is God and NO ONE else will ever be. If God decides someday that He doesn't want to man this ship anymore, there is NO ONE else who can do it. God is separate from us and we will NEVER be able to measure up to even an ounce of who He is. God has told us so many things about Himself, but there are still some things that remain a mystery.

God loves us and wants a relationship with us. But, be mindful of the way you approach God on His throne. Approach with humbleness and meekness and reverence for He is holy and perfect and is separate from us.

This song from Mercy Me talks about God's reign and how wonderful it is. Always remember who is in control (not us) and who is driving the ship (not us) and who reigns (not us)...the answer is, has been and will always be, GOD!


Shannon said...

I love that song. Great post!