Monday, January 12, 2009

In your opinion, is it excessive?

D-Man is a great sleeper...I hesitate to even say those words because I don't want to mess things up, but he really is.

In fact, he's been a really great sleeper all his life. I am blessed, yes I know that.

I think it could be partially do to the fact that he has a lot of love at night.

Case in point...

From left to right you have Clifford the Big Red Dog (clad in his Arkansas Razorback jersey), Curious George, Baby Bear, another Curious George (in yellow shirt), MaMa Cow and PaPa Bear (PaPa Bear and MaMa Cow are the proud parents of Baby D-Man's eyes).

And somewhere in that mix amongst all the furriness, D-Man lays his head and dreams sweet dreams.

Let's hope that he stops at 6 furry friends or I'm going to have to get bunk beds for D-Man's room.


Nicole said...

I think it's very sweet and looks warm and comfy.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Oh I am sure that is why he sleeps good. Don't upset that boat ;) So sweet!!!