Friday, February 20, 2009

Forget-me-Not Fridays

Ever have those weeks when you want so bad to remember everything, but can't. Weeks that you should have written things down as to not forget, but you didn't.

Thankfully, it's not been that kind of week for me.

I've got some "Forget-me-Not's" that are too cute not t0 share.

1. Many months ago, I had an accident. It involved the lawnmower. Anyway, it's been warm here in Arkansas this week, so warm in fact that the rye grass Husband planted last fall has gone crazy. That meant, yes, you guessed it, the lawnmower needed to come out. D-Man was watching as I mowed the yard (from a very safe distance) and after I shut it off, he ran over and said, "Don't be scared, Mom, I'll save you." Wonder what he meant???

2. My brother, J-Boy, D-Man and I were scanning the aisles today at Target. As we passed by some toys, D-Man responded, "That's incredible."

3. D-Man got the movie "Space Buddies" this week. He has watched it a few (hundred) times...or so it seems. I had been working out on Tuesday and he came into where I was with a single tear rolling down his cheek. I asked him what was wrong and he said (while wiping furiously at his cheeks) "I've got to get these tears away." He asked me if I would rewind the movie for him so that he could see his favorite part. Just moments after rewinding, B called and as we were talking I could hear D-Man sobbing...not crying...sobbing. He was so happy that the dog got reunited with his owner that he cried over it...several times. B suggested I get him a pet, I said, "No."

That's all I've got today. If you've got a post about your "Forget-me-Nots" please leave a comment and let us know so that we can read them. I hope to have a Mr. Linky up next week so you can link your posts up!

Have a blessed weekend! Don't forget me!


Mandy said...

Yes, yes, yes...he needs a dog! In fact I think he needs two! I know of two labs that need a good home to keep from being separated and I think that your family is the perfect fit! Wink, wink! :) *M

Sarah S. said...

What a tender-hearted little guy! My girls have never had that reaction to a movie!