Friday, April 4, 2008

Who Knew I had so many Bathroom Favs?

The Faithful Chick has started a little series called "My Favorite Things." This weeks edition features favorite things found in the bathroom. I really didn't think I had many favorites until I started looking around my bathroom, so I thought, hey, I'll give it a whirl.

Ok, so I must admit that I used to think that I wasn't a shampoo or conditioner snob. I pretty much used whatever was available for not very much because to me my shoes were much more important than my shampoo. Yes people, as long as my hair was clean, I really didn't care. But, my feet on the other hand had to look cute and cuteness can't be hampered by price.

I digress, sorry.

Anywho, I said that I used to think I wasn't a hair snob, but recently I have decided that I might be after my sis, A-Girl introduced me to the fun, smell-good line from Bath & Body Works. I'm currently using the Coconut Lime Verbena volumizing shampoo and conditioner and boy am I happy. And my hair is happy. Who knew?

To keep my hands clean, I rely on Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy hand soap in Mandarin Lime. Oh my goodness gracious. If you haven't yet tried it...Run, Run, Run and get some. It smells great (there are also other great smells in the aromatherapy line, but this is my fav), keeps my hands oh-so-clean and the bottle looks great sitting on the counter.

My bathroom routine is not the same without a little Eucerin creme to calm my chapped, dry skin (especially in the winter). Husband recommends it to all his patients, so if it's good enough for him, I call it good enough for me. It makes my hands feel really smooth and doesn't leave an oily residue. It would be perfect for my mom because she says that she can't breath if her hands are dry. Interesting, huh? Mom, I love you, but always get a chuckle out of hearing you say that!

Another of my favs in the bathroom is the Aromatique bathroom line. I'm currently using Splendor in the Bath Body Blitz and love the way it smells and calms me before I fall into an interrupted slumber.

My face has to have these three products from Dermalogica. My sister-in-law is an aesthetician and got me started on the first 2 products several years ago. The third I just recently started because I decided that eyes probably needed a little fine-line-wrinkle assistance. Can anyone say 30?

Another product for my hair that I cannot live without is my Bed Head M*nipulator. It is a great product for creating pieced chunks of hair and helps make my birds nest a bit more manageable.

To hold the hair style in place, I love Freeze It! It's name speaks volumes...need I say more?

And to make me happy and smell good, I've recently started using Sunny Side by Gap Body for a refreshing summery pick-me-up each day. It is a body mist that comes in the cutest little bottle and keeps me focused on those sunny, vitamin D filled days to come.

That's all I've got. Check out Faithful Chick for more great bathroom favs!

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Queen Mother said...

Thanks! I love to see what people are using!

Keepin' It Real said...

Yes,and those products work great for any age(even if you are the mother!). All of my girls have gotten me hooked on several of those produts as well. Who knew? Does anybody else out there have a little trouble breathing if their hands are dry? Or is it just me?

Queen B said...

I never knew of the Splendor in the Bath...have you been holding out on me?

I will be checking out the B&BW hair stuff...


Lisa @ Take90West said...

Thanks for the peek! Is Dermalogica good stuff? I'm looking for a new moisturizer.
Love the Eucerin, too!

momof2 said...

I told you the B&B Works shampoo/conditioner is awesome! I love it! Might have to try out this Splendor in the Bath...sounds promising. I love blogs like this one....I love to read what other people use:-)

Leah said...

I saw your comment on Stephanie's blog about Psalms of Ascent. Wasn't that AMAZING?!?!?! I've done several Beth Moore studies, and although I've loved them all, I think she, by far, was more transparent on that one than any in the past. I just love the way she MADE you confront your issues in that study!! Oh that I would hide those words in my heart!!! Good stuff.

PS. I LOVE that B&BW shampoo and conditioner. Too bad we are poor right now and I have to use Suave!!!

Leah said...

My hubby loves the Manipulator too. One of my BFFs used to work for TGI and would get us all Bed Head product free. Even the make-up. Love the stuff.

Blessed Be Your Name is MY FAVORITE. I sing it to my 5 month old already and we listen to it on Baby Praise.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Amy, go look in the mirror and say "My name is Amy and I am a Product Junkie. Hello, Amy."

Jennifer said...

You are sooo a shampoo snob! You are in denial. LOL!
I bet that smells wonderful!
I too am a shampoo/conditioner snob...I'm a Redkin girl.
I use this stuff by Redkin called Shimmering smells GREAT and it makes your hair shine like new money! Love it!!

I liked seeing all your stuff. I guess I'm nosey like that.

We just got back from Disney and I have finally posted all my will have to stop by and take a look.

Have a great weekend Amy!

faithful chick said...

Thanks for playing along. Good stuff!

Sarah said...

Great recommendations! Iam totally a hair snob. I love Kiwi shampoo and conditioner.

Mrs. Jules said...

Always neat to see what others prefer, thank you. I'm currently using the Coconut Lime body wash from B&B. It's my daughter's and she's been so nice to share, it smells great!