Monday, December 24, 2007

And to all a goodnight (for a few days)...

Well, I've rewarded myself for weeks of posting with a little "typing" vacation. This means that this could be my last post for a few days. Well, ok, maybe I might need an outlet from all the holiday chaos or may have a blog-worthy story that I need all of you out there to read, so there might be one here and there the next few days. But for the most part, consider me on vacation.

Anyway, before I took a day or two to rest, I wanted to thank all of you out there for embarking with me on this journey for the last few months. I am looking forward to carrying the momentum I've gained into 2008 and I hope that you continue to enjoy what you read.

I wish all of you the MOST BLESSED CHRISTMAS EVER! May Christ be at the center of all that you during this Christmas season. May his love pour out of you to others! For Christ is the reason we celebrate! Let's have the BEST celebration ever!


Queen Mother said...

Merry Christmas to all your family. Don't take too long a vacation!! We are all addicted to the blog!!! Have a great time and a Happy and Blessed 2008