Friday, December 28, 2007

Can we roast hot dogs on it, mommy?

Well, the fun times of the winter season are upon us. The air is chilly, my hibernating extincts are setting in and the perpetual cough/runny nose has settled in my little D-Man.

Husband says not to worry (I have him listen to D-Man's chest almost hourly) that it is normal for kids to have a cough/runny nose and so we continue the nightly ritual of Claritin.

But, this mama has some other weapons in her arsenal that she decided to pull out last night...The Humidifier. I put it in D-Man's room before he went to bed, so he didn't see it. But, rest assured that he saw the smoke billowing this morning.

The first thing he asked when I went in to get him is the obvious 2 year old question, "Whas' that, mommy?"

To which I replied, "That's a humidifier, baby. It helps your cough."

To which he later told Husband, "Thats a 'fier daddy. It helps my cough."

Fier...Humidifier...tomato...tomato (as in the ma in mama)...who's to say how it is really said.

Let's just hope D-Man doesn't start roasting marshmallows or making smores over the 'fier. Then we'd have problems.


Keepin' It Real said...

I love to hear a child idea of what something is after you explain it to them. They are so precious,and it is so wonderful to see things through a childs eye. The D-man is an angle.

Queen B said...

Very cute. I hope he's feeling better soon!

Queen Mother said...

He is so cute!! Have a Happy New Year!