Friday, December 14, 2007

Is your head broken?

D-Man has learned many things from his parents in only 2 short years on this earth (some good and obviously some not so good). One of them is so darn cute, though, I can hardly contain myself. Recently, when I had a headache, he asked me if my head was broken (meaning did I have a headache). When I replied, "Yes," he immediately ran and got his Daddy's stethoscope and told me that Daddy would fix it. precious!

The doctoring by D-Man doesn't stop there. His cousin, J-Lee Girl, spent the day with us last week. And Dunn decided before she could play that she needed to be "medically cleared" for admission to his playroom. He checked her vitals (all with the stethoscope) and told her she was "all better."

What, don't you get your shoulder checked with the stethoscope when you go to the doctor?

Enjoy your weekend! Be safe!