Thursday, December 20, 2007

Handmade with Love

A couple of Sunday's ago, Husband and I went to pick D-Man up from Sunday School. I always love to pick him up because the smile he gives when he sees up would make even the most gray sky blue. He loves his friends and teachers, but he really loves his Mommy and Daddy.

Anyway, when we pick him up from Sunday School, his teachers Mrs. Mary and Mr. Don always give us the report on what they have done that day. They usually tell us how energetic D-Man is (because he has bounced around all morning keeping them in check) and we get his bag of goodies for the day. The goodie bag always contains his lesson for that day and any crafts he might have made.

This particular Sunday, I was overjoyed when I discovered that in the goodie bag was the first real ornament that D-Man made. An ornament made with only a round base that resembled a donut topped with green crepe paper (and lots of glue); but one that made me smile.

Just the first of many I know he will make an annual part of our Christmas tree trimming. This ornament is the first of many stories and the first of many smiles we will share over the years as we remember when they were made. He doesn't yet realize how much love he showed his Mommy and Daddy when he gave them this ornament, but we hope someday we will be able to convey that message to him. We love you D-Man!


Queen Mother said...

That will be one of your greatest treasures. Be sure to take his picture with the new ornament every
year. Merry Christmas

Lisa@Take90West said...

It is fun to pull out those ornaments every year and 'remember when'!

Merry Christmas!