Friday, March 14, 2008

Traces of old, Beginning of new

Everywhere I look around me, things are changing. New grasses and plants are popping up searching for some spring sunshine and rain to help them flourish into the summer. Trees are budding and readying themselves for their big debut, the day when they reveal their new self to the world.

Are you ready for your spring debut?

Has this winter been one of changes, re-arrangements, heartbreaks or triumphs?

Are you ready to start fresh?

I for one am extremely ready to start fresh. I need a new beginning. I need a re-focus on all things IMPORTANT in my life. I need to make a difference out there for Christ and Him alone.

I've experienced many things this winter.

Love...from a family who loves me daily despite the many faults and mess-ups I have.

Patience...from a Father above who watches and waits through my journey with Him. watching my D-Man live a life for Christ.

Heartbreak...a loss of someone I will never soon forget.
Friendship...from those I hold most dear in my heart.

And in all these things the only thing that remains constant is the change that occurs through all that life throws our way.

The questions we must ask ourselves now as the change of seasons comes around:

"Are we changing for good reasons?"

"Is Christ helping us change or are we trying to make those changes ourselves?"

Are you ready to "spring" into action and start afresh and new? Only you can decide...

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Mrs. Jules said...

Great post! I think your last question is something we need to continually ask easy to move into self-sufficiency, isn't it? Blessings to you this weekend.

Queen B said...

Wonderful post! Beautiful words!

I love the change from winter to spring. I need to work on your suggestion...allowing Christ to change me for good reasons!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Julie said...

Yes, I am ready for my spring debut. Winter has had it's season of purpose, to emerge out....yep, I'm ready.