Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Titles on Tuesday: Book Club Selection

Today's Titles on Tuesday is the first selection that we read for our new book club. It is called On Every Side by Karen Kingsbury. And ohmyword is it ever good!

My mother-in-law, RAD, and I made the selection for the group and kept it secret for several weeks. During that time, I was very nervous and anxious about revealing the book to the group because I didn't know if they would like it or not. But, my worries have been dissolved as I've seen several book club cronies in the past few days who have told me the book is FABULOUS!

The book centers around 3 main characters, Joshua, Faith and Jordan and their struggles to keep God the center of their lives or remember that God needs to be in their lives. Karen Kingsbury writes that, "On Every Side sheds light on the struggle for religious freedom in today’s climate; something I am passionate about."

It is an amazing book with an amazing story and amazing testimony! Pick one up today!

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His Doorkeeper said...

I have read everyone of Karen Kingbury's books and they are all awesome! You can't go wrong with any of them.

Mrs. Jules said...

It sounds like a tremendous read! When I get done with the growing stack on my nightstand (hehe), I'd be interested in taking a look at this one.