Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I love water.

Pool water.

Ocean water.

Bottled water.

Bath water.

Clean water.

I love it all.

Except when it is in the form of a bazillion inches of rain. In just 1 day.

That's what we have experienced here over the last 36 hours. The rain came, but has not left and they are forecasting that it won't be gone until noontime today.

We live on the top of a hill and even I'm worried that we might wash away. Wash away, people. From the top of a hill. Because of so much rain.

Not much else to report except that my hair looks mighty nice (because of all the rain) and did I mention that it STILL raining?

Got an umbrella?

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Queen Mother said...

maybe a life-jacket and a raft?

Kelly @ Love Well said...

As long as the animals aren't lining up two-by-two, I bet you'll be OK.

(And personally, I'm ready for some unfrozen precipitation! I can't remember the sound of rain on my window. Bring it on!)

Keepin' It Real said...

Along with the rain came a few tornadoes,a little too close for comfort,but thankfully no injuries. Looks like it will be awhile before we can garden!

Mrs. Jules said...

We had some sporadic rain last weekend. Sunny skies are up for the rest of the week, thankfully!

momof2 said...

Just be thankful the rain didn't wash away your electricity.

mer said...

I'd take rain over snow any day! But I have heard that ya'll have gotten more than your fair share. Try not to float away!