Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Titles on Tuesday: Kids Edition

Today's Titles on Tuesday selection is one that D-Man received from a very special friend of ours, the Princess. It was her book when she was younger and she thought D-Man would much enjoy it. Princess, you were right, D-Man love, love, loves this book!

The book is called Thunder in the Jungle by Shaheen Bilgrami and takes place with many animals in the jungle wondering what all the noises around them are. The book features pull tabs that really involve young readers in the story. The pull tabs create "movement" of the animals and add to the book's excitement.

This has been a great addition to our D-Man library and we look forward to reading it for years to come!

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Queen B said...

My daughter is currently into the American Girls book series. It is a great way for her to learn a little bit about history while she is entertained.

Kelly said...

Amy - who are your BIL and SIL? I'm curious to see if I know them????