Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our Tomato

Well, Halloween came and went this year and I have to say that the tomato I had was pretty cute. Our D-Man was dressed as "Bob the Tomato" a character from the Veggie Tales series. We had a time getting him to stay in the costume for more than 5 seconds, but once he got together with all his big-boy cousins and saw they were staying in their costumes he decided it was ok to keep his on.

D-Man actually went as two characters this year, Bob the Tomato and Johnny Cash. I say this because underneath the tomato costume, he was dressed all in black and so he reminded me of Johnny Cash.

Anyway, I'm kind-of blogged out, so this post is just going to be what I call "cute." Nothing earth shattering or mind boggling, just our cute D-Man.


Queen B said...

Do we not get a picture of Johnny Cash?

jlo said...

I was hoping he would dress as Tow Mater, but I guess the Bob outfit was pretty cute.