Friday, November 2, 2007

Houston, I have a problem

The costumes have been worn, the candy has been collected and oh-my-goodness-gracious, I am eating way too much sweet stuff. I strategically placed the chocolate in the bottom of the container holding D-Man's Halloween treats and placed the other candy on top hoping that would deter me from eating so much (because it would take you know about 2 more seconds to dig down to the bottom and get the good stuff). Anyway, my self-trickery has not worked and the chocolate wrappers are landing in the trash by the minute (sometimes seconds-you've never seen this one devour those oh-so-loved Milky Way's).

So, I'm typing to keep my fingers busy, listening to "Go Diego Go" to keep my mind preoccupied and hoping that the urge doesn't hit me again (at least not until tomorrow)!


Queen Mother said...

Thanks for the cute picture. I just found your blog!! Good for you. I'll add you to my favorites.