Friday, November 2, 2007

Watching his footsteps

As our little D-Man continues to become his own little person, I am oftened saddened by the thought that he isn't in my baby anymore. The sweet lotion smell has been replaced by the awful (I mean wonderful) smell that only a mother could love, that of a wet dog. And, he is now learning that he has a voice (sometimes a little too loud like when we are in the middle of a restaurant and I can hear that sweet wail (I mean voice) all the way in the women's bathroom located 4 miles from our table).

I really notice that change in him when I see him playing with big-boy toys, like those his Daddy played with (these were his Daddy and Uncle Beeb's cars.)

But, I know at the end of the day, he is still my baby. I still get to hold and comfort him when he is hurt or scared, I still get to snuggle in bed with him and get our morning dose of Curious George and I get to be so very proud when I see him pick up my Bible and tell me he is reading 'bout Jesus. For I know that God loved me so much and wants that love to be radiated out of me to my sweet son. I have been given a huge gift and to that gift I am showing that GREAT love.


Anonymous said...

Be warned that the "wet dog" smell gets worse,the cuddling gets less frequent, and the independence keeps growing, but the sweetness of those hugs gets EVEN sweeter because you learn to appreciate them that much more.