Thursday, November 8, 2007

TP Takeover (Literally)

Yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you, I am really blogging about toilet paper. I am posting it here to my blog for all the world to see (or at least those of you who are faithful enough to give me an ego boost everyday and read my blog-THANKS!) No, I haven't lost my mind, just lost a roll of tp and D-Man might know where it went!

Let's just say that D-Man decided that the tp didn't really need to be housed in the bathroom anymore. Instead, it needed to follow him (in his chubby little hands) down the hall, through the foyer, across the living room and out into the playroom. It needed to trail behind him in all it's white glory for Mom (and NaNa and cousin J-Girl) to see.

When I turned to him and asked if the toilet paper really belonged all over the house, he simply replied, "Yes!" To which I quickly counter-replied, "Yes, ma'am (you know a mom's got to keep on top of those manners-even if it is in the middle of a tp crisis).

Thankfully, there is no tp shortage or square-order (like in boil order) at this time, because if there was, we would be rolling up our sleeves and rolling up the ENTIRE roll that so beautifully decorated our home.


Anonymous said...

PLEASE say you got a picture!!!!

cindy lou-who said...

Photo please!

Have fun at the game.

keepin' it real said...

The D-Man wanted to be able to find his way back to the point of origin,if need be!! The more he unrolled,the funner it got!!