Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Fall of the Yeast

Ok, so I decided while at the grocery store last week that I really needed to try my head at making some type of bread that involved having to use yeast.

No, I hadn't lost my mind, I was just merely thinking of my family.

I settled on this...

Notice the fact that it is a wheat pizza crust (very healthy, don't you think) and that it is HIGH in fiber (always good for all that comes out in the end, you know!)

Anyway, as D-Man slept this afternoon, I read the directions on the box and determined that I would need to start the dough making process about 4 pm in order to have the dough ready to bake by 6 pm. I did my afternoon chores and at 4 pm, I began the yeast activation process.

Now for those of you who have never made bread before that involves yeast (YES, let me say again that I have never done this process) you must activate the yeast using hot water (around 110 degrees). Well, this trusty baker didn't have a thermometer to measure the temperature (until later when I remembered that I had a meat thermometer that would have worked), so I first used 1 cup of hot tap water to activate the yeast from one of the packets. This didn't work, so I heated the water first in the microwave and then dissolved the 2nd yeast packet in it.

I seriously think they include 2 yeast packets for bakers like my self.

So,the yeast dissolved (or appeared to) and I followed the rest of the directions on the box ending with putting the ball of dough into a bowl that had been greased . The bowl was then covered with plastic wrap and a towel and set in a warm room so that it would have time to rise.

Well, you might ask, how was the pizza that night? Well, it ended with this...

Yes, that's right, a store bought pizza crust. Apparently I had killed the yeast with the hot water from the microwave and so the dough became a big ball of blah that was as hard as a rock and was the same size as when I originally added it to the bowl.

Moral of the story...always have a back-up plan when your yeast goes astray or kills over.


Queen Mother said...

Personally, I like pizza "ordered". Ha Kudos for trying something new.

Queen B said...

Worth a shot, I suppose. Yeast scares me a little. I can only do it with grandmother supervision. At least you had a back up!!

momof2 said...

I'm just impressed you tried!

Heather said...

Thanks for linking me to makes me feel better to know I'm not the only Mama who has kitchen mishaps! And yes, a back-up plan is always a good idea.