Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Food for Thought...About Santa

So, my sister, A-Girl, has posed an interesting question that I thought I would share with all of you (in hopes that you can give her some kind of answer that would help her out).

Her son, Goose-Man, asked a very riveting question the other day that caught A-Girl off guard. "Mom, what happens when Santa dies, do the parents just take over?" Hmmmmmmmm.....

A-Girl really didn't think about it at the time and just gave the old, "I don't know, Goose-Man" answer. But, later really pondered it and wants to broach the subject with him again with a more intellectual answer.

On one hand, she pointed out to me, if you say that Santa never dies then you are putting him up there on a pedestal with Jesus and that is in NO WAY what one needs to do. On the other, if you say, yes, the parents take over, will the magic of being a kid and having a mysterious man with a snow white beard dressed in a red suit leave all those things you've been wanting really be there anymore?

I don't know...food for thought. What do you all think out there! Weigh in so that we can help A-Girl give that A-plus parent answer!


Mina said...

I think the best answer is that when Santa gets too old to deliver presents to all the girls and boys that he chooses someone else to take over, and they become Santa. So there is always a Santa, but Santa doesn't live forever. :o)