Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh wear are my eyebrows?

The Queen B has tagged me with the seven randon things meme. Yes, that means today you are going to learn 7 things about me that I'm sure most of you don't know (and probably really don't want to know). So, hang on and enjoy the ride.

1. After a "near death" plucking incident in high school where one eyebrow (I'm not telling which one because those who know me and see me often will be staring at my eyebrow instead of my whole face next time you see me) was almost completely lost, I nnow have to fill-in (I mean major fill in) my eyebrows. Nice, huh?

2. My OCD plays into this one a little too much. Ok, so I need to have all my light/ceiling fan switches going the same direction. So, if for instance you go into a room and flip on the light from one end, I really need you to go back to that end and flip the switch off instead of using another switch. Can we say, therapy?????

3. I'm not really a collector of anything except the mail we receive that needs to be shredded. Instead of shredding anything I don't want (that contains our mailing information) as soon as I receive it, I put it in the special "shred" drawer until that sweet, little drawer gets so full to the brim that it is screaming for me not to open it again. It could have been so full today (because it hasn't been emptied since we moved into our house at the end of June this year) that it actually screeched when I opened it.

4. Husband had to help me with this one. He reminded me that most people DO NOT pluck their eyebrows in the car, but apparently I do. This could have led to the demise of my eyebrows from #1.

5. Husband also pointed out to me that not many people clean their cars with their swiffers while stopped at a stoplight. A clean car is a happy car, right?

6. Ok, this could be my OCD kicking in again. I don't like rattles/noises in the car. If a cup is in a cup holder and not situated properly and it makes a noise, it drives me crazy. I need to get to the bottom of all noises/rattles IMMEDIATELY and take care of them. Are you seeing any OCD tendencies????

If you have a weak stomach, I would stop now.

I warned you...weak stomachs, DO NOT read #7.

Last Chance...

Ok, here goes...

7. If you have made it this far in my list of random facts about myself, let me assure you that I have saved the best for last. Growing up, I lived on a farm. A farm that raised horses, cows, pigs and an occassional batch of chickens. We also had various other animals from dogs to cats to goats to lambs. You name it, we probably housed it in some form or fashion on our farm. Well, on a farm, when you have male cows, sometimes they have to be "cut." The result of this cut is something called a mountain oyster. These "oysters" are actually eaten and I will admit that I have consumed them. NOW LET ME JUST SAY THAT I DID NOT ENJOY IT AND I HAVE NOT EATEN ONE SINCE I WAS VERY YOUNG! Trust me, when they say it tastes just like chicken, sometimes they lie.

Well, that's about all the time we have for today. And let me leave Mandy, Ree & Big Mama with a "tag" you are it. There is no pressure for each of you three lovely ladies to let us get a bit more insight on each of you. Nor am I pressuring you with the fact that 1000's will be waiting on pins and needles to read your list of things (ok, maybe not 1000's, but it sure made it sound better).

Happy posting!


momof2 said...

I had no idea about the eyebrow incident.......How did we live in the same room and I never know about the eyebrow incident? Perhaps we weren't speaking at the time? Rest assurred I will be staring at your eyebrow, I mean eyeBROWS, next time I see!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering that myself...when did I miss that occassion? Maybe it happened at the same time the shaving of the legs incident???????? You are beautiful,eybrow or no eyebrow!!