Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Unwritten Underwear Rule

Ok, so Husband is in a profession where he emplors lots of medical knowledege. I've been having a slight cough for the past couple of days that was getting progessively more painful. So last night, Husband (and D-Man) pull out their stethoscopes (yes, D-Man has his very own) and proceed to listen to my lungs. Husband decides that after D-Man goes to bed that he wants me to go to the hospital (about 30 seconds away from our house) and have a chest x-ray done.

So, D-Man goes to bed and I head out the door with my x-ray orders in hand.

I arrive at the hospital and am greeted in admissions by a lady who is fighting, I mean fiddling with the printer. She tells me to have a seat and she'll be right with me. As she is finishing up her wrestling (or wras-lin with the "a" sounding as in the word grass) with printer she says something to me about someday she really should print the paperwork before the patient is admitted like she is supposed to. Little does she know that I am one of the wives of those "persons with lots of medical knowledge" who asks for those papers to be printed prior to the patient's admission and when she realizes this is ready to scarf those words back down, crawl under her desk and dig a hole (or at least her look told me this).

Anyway, I get the necessary paperwork completed and am waiting for the x-ray tech to call me back.

She calls me back and on the way to the room asks the most bizarre question I had heard in a long time, "Amy, do you have a bra on?" To which I quickly reply, "Yes." She then asks me to remove it so that the x-ray will not be hindered.

So there we are (the "girls" and I that is) standing there waiting for the x-ray to begin. All the while, my brain is still trying to wrap itself around the question I had just been asked, "Amy, do you have a bra on?"

"A bra on?" Who doesn't have a bra on? Now I must admit that I have been very blessed with an ample amount of padding in the top half of my body and know that I CANNOT and for that matter WILL NOT let the girls go out by themselves! But, even if I wasn't so blessed, the girls would still need some protection in this rough old world and would always have their bra right by their side. So, you see my quandry....

I continue replaying the question over and over in my head as she takes the first x-ray. As she is positioning me for the second x-ray, my mind overtakes my mouth and I blurt out, "Do people really come in here without a bra on?" She smiles at me and says, "You would be surprised what people come in here without. When they come to the hospital and they are sick, they sometimes forget their bra." Whoa!!! Newsflash!!!! People really do walk around on the streets letting their "girls" hang-out in the crowd.

Nevertheless, the x-ray looked fine, Husband has me on a high powered antibiotic to knock out whatever I have and it looks like all will be better come Turkey Day!

Note to self...Always keep the "girls" close to my heart (with a bra!)