Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lie down and hit the button

A funny story came to mind as my mom told me she was to have a mammogram next week.

Gramma P (our neighbor before we moved) once told me that to prepare for a mammogram one should do the following:

*Lie down in your garage in a position where the mammogrammed parts lie directly under the door as it lowers.
*Next, have someone lower the door onto your mammogrammed parts.
*Raise the door.
*Repeat numerous times.

Oh my!

This is what I have to look forward to?

May I start tomorrow?

Yes, I'm joking, of course.

But, this got my thinking juices flowing.

And so I ask all of you out there, can you think of other ways to prepare for those we-shouldn't-talk-about-that procedures that will be endured later on in life?

Oh the mental pictures that come to mind!

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Queen Mother said...

Don't make your appt. just before "that time" of the month. Ouch! Otherwise it is not too bad.

Pattik said...

I really dreaded my first one,
but much to my surprise it
wasn't bad. Have had ALOT of
other things done that make this
seem like a piece of cake.

Don't worry.

Queen B said...

I've got nothing.


momof2 said...

I've heard the "preperation" for a certain "COLON" procedure is pretty hideous.....I'm sure our dear mother could shed some more light on that though.