Monday, February 18, 2008

Yes, spandex and all

I have a love (besides Husband) (oh and chocolate).

It involves both of my feet.

And many, many miles.

Many laugh at this love I have because they think I am clearly insane. But I know better.

Most do not understand how I can love it mile after mile after mile. But I do.

I've even competed a couple of times (half-way, that is). But competed nonetheless.

Yes, this love I have is running. Running mile after mile after glorious mile.

When one looks at me, they don't immediately think, "Oh she's a runner." Instead, they probably think, "Oh, she needs a diet."

But, nonetheless, it is a passion of mine and I've competed in two half-marathons and loved every minute of it. Well, maybe there were a few minutes when I was saying what (breathe, breathe) have you (breathe, breathe) gotten (breathe, breathe) yourself into? But, all in all, I love the sport and plan to someday run an entire marathon.

Here's a photo to prove that love as I run on a frigid March morning last year in a a race at our state's capitol. Yes, that's me in all black spandex. I should be listening to Johnny Cash, don't you think?

So what love do you have that others laugh at you for?

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Keepin' It Real said...

I have no doubt that you WILL run a full marathon some day. I admire your passion for the sport you love. You would have to love it to perservere! Love you!

Queen B said...

Well. Nothing that involves exercise.

I believe my adoration of motor sports has been well documented.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I am a fully trained and license Jazzercise instructor.

To the great disappointment of my friends, I did not receive complimentary leg warmers or side pony tails when I started teaching.

Jennifer said...

I enjoy singing and dancing...
Most of my friends laugh while they hear or see me doing either of these!!!