Friday, February 22, 2008

Oh happy day and a soon to be giveaway!

Well, bloggy friends, it's Friday.

The day before Saturday.

The day after Thursday.

And, Husband is off again for the second weekend in a row! Woooooooooohoooooooooo!

I've told you before that Husband is in a profession that requires lots of medical knowledge. And he works many hours. Long days. Many hours. Many, many hours.

But, he's doing what God called him to do. Sit back, relax and I'll tell you his story.

Husband and I grew up in the same, rural town. We were in the same kindergarten class and shared the same group of friends. We went through all stages of growing up together, but only as friends. We began dating in the fall of our Junior year in high school and the rest as they say is history. We went to college together and married the summer before our senior year in college (another post, another time).

Our college years brought about many questions between the two of us concerning what we both wanted to do with our lives. We knew early on that marriage between the two of us was meant to be, but also knew that waiting to be married was the right thing to do. I knew right out of high school that I wanted to major in biology and minor in education so that I could some day teach high school students the ends and outs of science.

Husband, on the other hand, took a little different path. He began his college career as an Air Force ROTC freshman majoring in mechanical engineering. But, his major dislike for all things mechanical engineering soon caused a few tiffs between us and a change of heart for what he wanted to do in his life.

Seriously, it is a wonder that we stayed together that 1st semester because he was so unhappy.

Anyway, he changed his major to Pre-Veterinary medicine (and withdrew from the Air Force ROTC program because they didn't take Pre-Veterinary medicine as a major). And, oh my friends, was he ever happy! Happy, Happy, Happy! And we were so happy.

But God had other plans in mind. Plans that caused Husband to re-evaluate his life somewhere about his Sophomore year and turn toward a love of all things related to medicine of a human nature. For so long, he had run from human medicine because he wanted to do something totally different from his father, but God knew better. God knew he was suited for medicine; God knew he needed to be in medicine; And, God made Husband realize that changing his career was the answer.

Husband has told me and others that he truly believes that if he had not listened to God's calling and changed his career to follow a path of human medicine, that he believes he wouldn't be here today. WOW! What a strong statement, but a belief nonetheless.

Husband has so much faith and has taught me in the course of our journey to be completely dependent on God for the answer. Husband listened to his Father in Heaven and He didn't let him down.

So, that brings us to today. Well, maybe I've left out the 4 years of professional school that Husband excelled in and I supported him through. Oh, and maybe the 3 years of post-professional school training he did that he excelled in and I supported him through. But, all in all, we feel that God has blessed us, guided us and been true and faithful to us through it all.

And me, well, I'm where God wants me to be. Bringing up our sweet D-Man in a God-fearing home and creating a home for Husband to come home to each night.

Have a GREAT weekend and be sure and check back next week for a sweet smell in the form of a giveaway! Yippeeee!

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Keepin' It Real said...

How fortunate we are to not only have this wonderful,intellegient man for a son-in-law,but how fortunate this town is to have him here practicing medicine,which God has truely blessed his mind and spirit with such a gift. And you as his soul mate,along with the D-Man,make his life complete. We are all blessed by each of you, and I thank God every day for you. I love you dearly.

Scott & Stephanie said...

I got chills as I read your post! Medicine is a hard road, but oh so worth it when they come at the end of the day with such satisfaction. Your husband is blessed to have you to keep the home fires burning!

fAiThFuL cHiCk said...

Come on over to my blog. You won something...

His Doorkeeper said...

Sounds like you two are a wonderful, blessed couple! And what a precious son! Blessings to you all!